Our clients are well looked after. A dedicated account manager specializing in business registration and administration will be your point of contact throughout the year and assist you with business administration, bank account applications and other services we offer. View our Quality Charter here.


We are experts in company formation 

Company Formation Related Services

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LABE provides a full service from start to finish, not just the registration of your company. We take care of everything from corporate administration to corporate prepaid cards. In fact, our Account Managers are all business service specialists and throughout the year can:

  • Maintain the good legal status of the company under the laws of the country of incorporation.
  • Add or remove shareholders or directors of the company.
  • Sign contracts on behalf of the company organization. Change your company name. Assistance in opening bank accounts in the name of the company.
  • Prepare other company documents (confirmation of tenure, customs clearance certificates, etc.) that you may request from time to time.
  • Dissolve the company.
  • Increase/decrease your company capital.
  • Transfer business from another agency.
  • Answer all your general questions.
Company Renewal

The annual renewal fee is an annual recurring government and professional fee that your business must pay to keep the business up and running and in good legal standing under the laws of the state in which it is incorporated. Therefore, all companies that renew with us are in good standing.

Our services:

  • Provide registered address services for an additional year
  • Prepare and file annual reports
  • Provide company secretarial services for an additional year
  • Pay annual registration and/or registered agent fees to authorities
  • Review and update files Full year 



Migration and re-domiciliation

The process of business transition, sometimes called resettlement or continuation, refers to a business being deregistered in one jurisdiction and reregistered in another.

As the name suggests, going concern has the advantage of continuity. Even if you change your registered address, your company will continue to exist. There have been no disruptions or interruptions in business operations and the company has maintained its original founding date. In short, the company continues to exist, but has simply moved to another jurisdiction!

Why? This is because the original reason for a company incorporated in a particular jurisdiction is no longer valid and another jurisdiction may offer advantages not found in the original jurisdiction.

It is clearly easier for a company to apply for continuation in another jurisdiction than to dissolve it and transfer all assets, articles of association or property to the new company.

Corporate forwarding service

If you are not satisfied with how your current agents manage your business, LABE will take over all management of your business. Each offshore jurisdiction has its own processes, but we keeps us up to date with the rules and regulations of the countries in which we operate, streamlining our processes.

This can be done by completing a business transfer application and notifying your current agent that will contact you. 

Company liquidation

A formal dissolution is a legal process in which a company ceases to exist. To voluntarily dissolve an International Business Company (IBC), you must follow all of the following steps:

To initiate the dissolution process, a declaration of solvency and proof that the company has no assets or liabilities is required. This can take approximately 1-2 months (or more depending on jurisdiction and complexity).

Therefore, if the IBC has no assets or liabilities, you must provide:

  1. Bank Statement/Closing Letter.
  2. A declaration signed by the directors/beneficial owners that the company has no assets or liabilities.
  3. A dissolution resolution signed by the directors/shareholders of the company also approving the appointment of a liquidator.
  4. A dissolution plan signed by the directors.

Additional Services

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Participant Founder or originator provided by the

The Founder has no control over the Foundation and its affairs and is only recognized as the person who submitted its Charter. Board of Trustees (equivalent to a company’s board of directors)
members 1 corporate member or 3 or more individuals, combined use of corporate and individual members is possible. public record issue. Candidates can be received through an agent.

Prepaid Card

Clients of LABE whose company is in good standing may be desirous of applying for additional third party services such as a corporate prepaid card. In that frame, we may introduce its clients to a corporate card provider to permit a service application.

The provision of the corporate debit card itself is subject to the acceptance of the application by the issuing bank and to an agreement between the client and the card provider.

Visa Trust

Traditionally, trusts have been considered one of the most effective means of succession planning. However, many obstacles have always prevented the smooth functioning of such structures, as the so-called “typical” trust is inflexible.

Join VISTA  In 2003 he was introduced by the BVI and enacted in 2004, the legal framework for handling the transfer of shares. The idea was that corporate owners could set up trusts holding shares that could be held indefinitely, the trustees being relieved of their obligations, and such decisions being free to be made by the board of directors.

Visual identify for your company

Your company’s visual identity is very important in your relationship with your customers. It reflects the image you want to present to the outside world and should be considered carefully. 

 company’s visual identity includes:
 cards Letterhead Company logo in various formats

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 independent and experienced directors/shareholders is often requested by clients who need officers in a particular jurisdiction to comply with local regulations. Or, simply put, you may need additional help from experienced industry professionals to ensure compliance with local rules and regulations. 

Directors/shareholders introduced by LABE are well prepared to achieve compliance and provide solutions with superior legal rights.

Professional Director

 independent and experienced directors/shareholders is often requested by clients who need officers in a particular jurisdiction to comply with local regulations. Or, simply put, you may need additional help from experienced industry professionals to ensure compliance with local rules and regulations. 

Directors/shareholders introduced by LABE are well prepared to achieve compliance and provide solutions with superior legal rights.

Mail managment and telephone answering

This service enhances the reputation and credibility of your business by providing a land address and phone number. This gives substance and credibility to the seemingly offshore company.

Our virtual secretary service is comprehensive and includes all the administrative and secretarial support you need. A phone number is provided and a secretary will answer all calls promptly. Missed calls can mean lost business. This has enabled LABE to set up the right structure and staff effectively enough.



Bank services

With 15 years of experience in this field, you can choose an offshore bank that offers safe, excellent service and numerous banking functions (e-banking, credit cards, letters of credit, etc.). In addition, before choosing an offshore bank, examine other important characteristics such as: 

  • Political and economic stability of the country in which the bank is located.
  • Terms of banking services (fees, minimum deposits, etc.).
  • Excellent reputation of the institution.
  • A wide range of financial products.
Audit services

Our service include: 

  • audits
  • accounting
  • preparation of annual accounts
  • filling out tax returns
Yacht formalities
  • One of the most attractive jurisdictions for offshore yacht registration.
  • Provides maximum confidentiality

    As a member of the Commonwealth of Nations and the United Nations, all vessels flying the Seychelles flag enjoy friendly treatment worldwide

    High quality recognition and low rates

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